Replies About Maya <3

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When Neely and Stephen sleep, I stalk Maya. She already has the nickname ‘Cheeks’ in my head.

When I saw this guy, I literally squealed. I’ve never seen a unicorn in my game before today.

Saturday afternoons <3


Neely and Stephen both work at the business office; and I always imagine them coming out here for a break or lunch. 

Val! I’m so sorry it took me sooo long, but here she is. Corey has always had her doubts about whether or not she was into boys, but when he best friend Ash hit on her she knew and has ever since been into girls. She grew up with her two older sisters Ariel and Rachel (You guys may know these names from previous challenges and stories.) Their parents were always out of town on business or holiday so the girls became really close until their teen years when each one of them changed completely. They’re still drifting apart, but Corey wishes all the time for them to one day accept each other. Enough about Corey’s background, let’s hear from her.

Bebe’s ad was so cute I just had to check this out. I’m on Summer break what a better time to find true love or to just have a good time? Anyways..let’s do this.

Maya has stolen mine and Neely’s heart <3

First snow <3

Last of my spam I promise!

Torrance invited them over for a party. First let&#8217;s take selfies &lt;3

Torrance invited them over for a party. First let’s take selfies <3

*kitty meowing* Stephen! Do you hear that?! Is that a kitten? I hear Stephen laugh.

Nel, I found something. He starts to make kissy noises. What the hell is going on? When I come out into the hall the fussiest of fuss balls comes to meet me. 

meoooow, purr, purr, murr.

OH MY GOSH! You’re so adorable. Where did you find him..her? It’s too clean and well fed to be a stray.

I bought her at the pet store. I thought we could use something to brighten our days. I can’t help but continue to snuggle the kitten. 

I’m already in love. What should we name her?

Neely was at the park and look who happened to be there..

Stephen’s POV

*vibrating noise* Finally! Torrance got back to me about Wednesday. Rachel? What could she possibly want. Oh! What the fuck?! You know you still want this. - Rachel xo. Bitch must be out of her damn mind. I throw the phone down and head back to the couch. What a fucking slut. I swear. I’m so happy I dropped that shit. I hear Nel head down the hallway. Nel I made you some waffles. She makes the ‘aww’ sound.

Thank you baby. I hear her start her morning routine and then gasp. No I did not..I did not just leave that message op..

STEPHEN! What the fuck is this?! 

It’s not what you think. She sent me that message. I never message her before then. Check the messages. Neely’s face is burning red. 

Well, that’s nice, but couldn’t you have deleted the message or at least turned off your phone? Why is she still messaging you? 

I forgot all about it the moment I saw it. I was so disgusted I threw the phone down and didn’t even think twice about it..until now. I’m sorry Nel. I’ll block her number. She slowly starts to smile. 

Who does she think she is? What a whack ass selfie. I’ll send you better ones in the future. 

Oh my god..I can’t wait. C’mere.


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