Sao Paten is so pretty <3

Sao Paten is so pretty <3

The trip has been amazing thus far. It’s done a fine job helping me to forget home, but then Stephen’s worried brows concern me. Are you okay? He brings his face back into a smile. 

Of course. I’m just thinking about Maya. She’s never been more then a couple of hours away from us. Now we’re miles away. 

You are so sweet. Who taught you to care so much? This changes Stephen’s expression into a scowl. 

No one. I taught myself. With that he says no more. 

Baby, what do you mean? I know your father raised you, but where was your mom? Instead of closing up, like I assumed he would. Stephen looks me in the eyes and begins his story.

Ever since I can remember my father has openly being a pig. He has always lived a life of luxury and this lured many young women his way. Instead of being loyal to his wife, he would have open relationships with this women in front of my mother. Eventually when I was around seven, my mother had, had enough of his behavior. So she left. Me included. I have never felt so much pain. To this day, I resent her for leaving me behind with that man. He’s nothing but a money hunger asshole. I hate him. His face drops causing me pain. I gently pull his chin up. He still has a look of hatred on his face. 

It’s a good thing you’re nothing like him then isn’t it? This brings his smile back again. 

I love you, Nel. 

I love you too.

Anonymous asked: Who are your favorite blogs?


Here we go again. A list of baes who make my tumblrs days amazing. Keep in mind,just cause you aren’t up here, doesn’t mean anything. I am VERY selective about who I follow, so if I follow you, I like you too :)

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I love seeing these guys on my dash, 100% worth the follow<3

C’mere, bb, so we can snuggles! <3

They didn’t waste any time unpacking.

So, you know what’s in a day..right? I can’t help but smile. There’s no way I will ever forget.

I think it’s our one year something..right? Stephen frowns. I’m guessing this isn’t amusing him. I slowly wrap my arms around him. Forcing him to crack a smile. 

Well, I’ve been saving up and I was able to reserve us a suite for a week in Sao Paten. We leave tomorrow. I literally can’t believe what I’m hearing.

Are you serious?! Who’s going to watch Maya? What about my job? 

Slow down, darling, one question at a time. First, yes I am very serious. Second, I think Shellee is perfectly capable of watching Maya. Third, I already called your job and requested your annual vacation. They were more then happy to let you have the time off. 

You’ve thought of everything, baby, I can’t even believe this. An entire week?

You deserve it, Nel. I feel like if I blink this perfect person is going to disappear. It’ll be as if he was never here and I’ll be left with nothing, but the memories. His lips make me lose my train of thought and his presence makes me feel secure. Forgetting I could ever lose him. 

Maya is such a little lady now <3


Aww! I would, but Maya is my baby. I hope you understand ):

Maya aged up ^.^

Part 15 <3

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Anonymous asked: Once you get this ask you must confess who are the blogs that you are stalking! Then send this to 10 people's ask! :D


That I stalk. (keep in mind my stalking isn’t an every day event :p)












One extra cause I’m a rebel.

Why are you always making me smile? Love you bb! <3

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I was feeling inspired by andhisrabbits tutorial &lt;3

I was feeling inspired by andhisrabbits tutorial <3

Only two more sim days before Maya isn’t a kitty anymore ;_;

Anonymous asked: Your sims are the cutest. ;-;


Thank you so much, Nonny! <3

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Saturdays are for killing the enemy >.<